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NiTi • Nitinol Superelastic Sheet - 0.5 mm (0.02" Thickness up to 4 x 18")

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Nitinol-55 Sheet; 0.5 mm thick

0.02" Thick Nitinol Sheet perfect for parts cutting. The 1 x 4 inch strip can be bent with fingers but provides substantive resistance. Ni 55 Wt% (50:50 At).

Nitinol superelastic foil can be used for its strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, puncture resistance, or other needs where the features of nitinol are needed in a foil.

The foil is very strong and puncture resistant. The foil ships in superelastic form; it has an Af of approximately -10C. You can perform heat treatments to modify the Af to suit your needs. Biocompatible; widely used where a high performance fatigue-resistant material is needed.

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