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NiTi • Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Sheet; 1mm thick; Af 80°C

  • $ 26.00


Nitinol Memory Sheet - 1mm Af 80°C [176°F]

Shape memory sheet of 1mm thickness - an incredibly resilient material. Available in Af of 90°C, the material can be bent with your hands when at room temperature, and returns to straight when heated.

The 1mm thick sheet can be cut with reasonably strong metal shears. Perfect for creating custom parts using a CNC mill.

The width of the sheet is limited to 120mm; select the final dimensions of the sheet you need in the drop down menu.


  • Cold Rolled 1mm thick Nitinol SMA (shape memory alloy)
  • Austenite Finish (Af): 80°C [176°F]
  • Easy to deform when cold; returns to flat when heated
  • New shapes can be programmed with heat treatment

Purchase Options 

  • Maximum sheet size: 155*660mm [ 6.1 x 23 inches]; 708 grams
  • Sold in widths of 120mm, in 1 inch increments

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