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Nb • Niobium Plate 140*127*6mm 952g

  • $ 330.00

Pure Niobium Plate - 952g 140 x 127 x 6 mm 4N 99.99 pure

Weight: 952 grams (2.1 pounds)

Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x 1/4 inches.

You can use it for anything from jewelry to a particle accelerator. Element 41, originally named Columbium. It is used in small quantities as an alloying agent for steel. Larger percentages are used for superalloys and cryogenic applications that require performance under extreme conditions. In pure form, this plate can be cut, machined, rolled, and/or melted. When you get it you may think it's titanium, but when you hold it, it feels very heavy for its size and that's how you know it's a dense metal. It has a hint of blue and has a mysterious iridescence. It can be anodized in different colors based on the electrolysis voltage.

  • Type: Niobium plate
  • Purity: 4N 99.99
  • Dimensions: 140 x 127 x 6 mm
  • Weight: 952 g

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