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NiTi • Nitinol Shape Memory Tube

  • $ 28.53

Nitinol SMA tube opens the possibility of targeted hydraulic activation by controlling the temperature of a fluid through the tube.

These tubes allow for the most effective way to deliver heat activation to the alloy since a simple pump mechanism can be used to deliver a carrier fluid to the inside of the tube.

Most sizes are available with order minimums starting at $900 for sizes that are not in stock.

In-stock material that you can add-to-cart is sold in increments of 5 cm (2 inches). Maximum in-stock tube length: 250 mm (9.85 inches).

The tube is pre-treated with shape memory set as straight. It is easily pliable at room temperature and exhibits greater pliability at colder temperatures, with maximum pliability (complete martensite transition Mf) around 5ºC. Complete austenite Af occurs at 40ºC.

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