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NiTi • Nitinol Superelastic Wire

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Order in any length by selecting the diameter, increments (feet or meters) and entering the quantity desired. Longer quantities automatically ship on a spool.

Superelastic nitinol is capable of stretching up to 30% of its length without permanent deformation. Such incredible yield, coupled with intense yield stregth, is a very special property of this alloy, and is attributed to the fact that it is not a normal alloy. It is an intermetallic - an alloy with a very precise nickel / titanium ratio that creates a high level of inter-atomic organization. This material is also known as fishing wire.

The formulation is almost identical to our shape memory alloys, but this material is super elastic at above freezing temperatures and it will not change its shape upon application of heat. If you are looking for wire that changes shape upon application of heat, use the link above. Technically, superelastic nitinol exhibits a very mild memory effect, with a transition phase at approximately -10ºC, so if you intend to use the material in a very cold environment, we recommend you test a sample to see how it behaves. It will become soft at around -15 to -20°C. If you need wire to remain springy at such cold temperatures, such as fishing in the arctics, you should try the -20°C alloy available here instead.



The wire has a lustrous titanium color (dark grey) with a bluish oxide tint on its surface. When freshly cut, the inner core is nickel white. Nitinol is very abrasion resistant and has self-healing properties, so the wire is quite hard to cut and kink. It does not require any special handling or protections from oxidation or moisture, and is non-toxic.

Superelastic nitinol at room temperatures and above is stiff and springy, similar to spring steel or piano wire. It is similar in mechanical properties to lower transition phase shape memory NiTi, such as our 15ºC SMA, but without the memory effect.



  • Select your desired unit of measure, and use the quantity selector to choose your ideal length in metric, imperial or by weight.Choose your desired diameter. 0.5mm is 24 gauge, 0.8mm = 20 gauge, 1mm = 18 gauge, and 2mm = 12 AWG.
  • When you order multiple quantities we will cut one long section off of the pictured roll so you can procure uncut sections and cut later as you please.

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