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NiTi • Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Foil; 0.3mm thick; Af 50°C

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Nitinol Shape Memory Foil - 0.3 mm


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Memory foil, 0.3mm thick. This sheet can be bent and remains bent at room temperatures and below, and returns to its memorized shape (flat if you do not post-treat it). 

Maximum sheet size is 31.5 x 7.5 inches ( 80 x 19 cm). Full sheet weighs 300 grams.


The video below is a demonstration of a similar sheet but thinner (0.1mm).

1x2 and 2x2 inch nitinol foil sheets, activated using hot water from the faucet.

Nitinol nickel titanium inter-metallic (superalloy) with a 50ºC phase transition temperature. The sheet is 0.3mm thick, maximum dimensions are 800mm • 190mm. It is priced per square inch.

The foil is very strong and puncture resistant. It will return to original / trained shape when heated to approx. 50°C or above. Heating past 100°C is not recommended or necessary unless you are setting a new shape, for which you would use a temperature range of 500-700°C.


Transition temp 50ºC. In stock. Simple ordering. Worldwide shipping.

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