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NiTi • Nitinol SMA Tube; 5mm ID, 6mm OD, Af 40-60°C

  • $ 165.00

Transition Temp


Nitinol SMA tube opens the possibility of targeted hydraulic activation by controlling the temperature of a fluid through the tube.

The maximum tube length is 500mm. It is soft and bendable at room temperature, and will return to straight when heated. The wall thickness is 0.5mm. Full 500mm tube weight: 25 grams. Tube can be purchased in 165mm increments, but purchasing the full length is highly recommended.

These tubes allow for the most effective way to deliver heat activation to the alloy using a coolant inside of the tube.

The tube is pre-treated with shape memory set as straight. The transition Temp in the selection is the approximate Af of the material. A 40°C tube will react to boiling water faster than a 60°C tube, but it will also take more time to return to martensite at room temperature than the 60°C.

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