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Nitinol Linear Actuator (2 way) Shape Memory Alloy Wire

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Wire contracts when heated and extends by itself when cooled, even without a pull-back mechanism.

Linear 2-way actuator wire for high-end robotics. This wire does not require a "spring-back" mechanism to return the wire to its martensite shape. Repeat strain training while cold will set a new cold shape for the wire, but it is best to leave it straight and use it with electricity to work like a "muscle". The use of a pull back spring is still advised for best results.



  • Activation temp: 55°C
  • Diameter (mm): 0.5
  • Stroke: 5% contraction when heated
  • Pull Force (N): 29
  • Resistance (Ω/m): 5.1
  • Current (mA): 3900
  • Time (s): 1

Regular nitinol shape memory wire has 1-way memory characteristics. The wire takes on a predetermined shape when heated (e.g., straight), and then becomes soft and malleable when it cools. In contrast, the 2-way linear actuator wire remembers its martensite (cold) shape, which has been pre-programmed as straight. This allows the wire to be used without a spring-back in linear actuator applications.


  • Select your desired unit of measure, and use the quantity selector to choose your ideal length and diameter.
  • When you order multiple quantities we will cut one long section off of the pictured roll so you can procure uncut sections and cut later as you please.

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