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Pt • Platinum metal by the gram

  • $ 42.00

Platinum metal by the gram, sold from trusted producer Valcambi Suisse. These pieces are meticulously fabricated in Switzerland using a German developed technique that allow the bars to break off into perfect 1.0g increments without any loss of material.
The Combibar has different sections of the design on its back side; if you are looking for a particular section you can request it. All multiple quantity orders pay no extra shipping. International customers ordering over $200 worth should choose EMS for reliable service. 
Multiple quantities will ship attached together whenever possible.
There is not enough platinum for world's governments and banks to even use it as a reserve currency, yet it has industrial applications that gold can't touch. It is the more "noble" of metals that will not react / oxidize, making it the most expensive and ideal electrode or catalyst for industry, research, military, etc. Unlike gold, its denser packed atomic structure ensures no material is lost - over time, gold (especially pure 24 karat gold) scratches and atoms are lost, but in platinum, they simply move around! Like silver, platinum has a single electron in its valence shell, making it an excellent conductor.

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