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Nb • Pure Niobium Wire

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Select the diameter, unit of measure, and quantity to obtain the appropriate length of niobium wire, uncut. Inert to most chemicals and hypoallergenic, this is the heavier, softer, more exotic brother to titanium.

Pure Niobium wire. Multiple quantities ship uncut as they will be cut off of the pictured roll. You can use it for anything from jewelry to a particle accelerator. Element 41, originally named Columbium, was discovered by an English chemist in North America. The largest deposits are located in Brazil. It is used in small quantities as an alloying agent for steel. Larger percentages are used for superalloys such as C-103 for rocket engines and cryogenic applications that require performance under extreme conditions.


Niobium has an atypical outer electron orbital configuration, featuring a single valence electron (12, 1) instead of the (11, 2) exhibited by vanadium and tantalum. In air, it will oxidize a beautiful light blue over time, so we keep it fresh under wraps for you.
Niobium cathodes turn into a spectrum of colors based on the electrolysis voltage. It is alloyed with Sn or Ti for superconductors and allegedly superconducts in elemental form around 9K.
If you need larger quantities, block, sheet, foil, or a different diameter, enquire for a quote. Minimum custom diameter or surface treatment order $500. COA available upon request.
  • Type: Niobium wire
  • Purity: 4N 99.99
  • Multiple quantities will ship together (not cut)

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