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In • Indium metal by weight

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Indium Metal 4N Pure (99.99%)
Purchase indium by the gram, ounce, pound or kilo. Your shipment will consist of various sized ingots, individually packaged, added to the weight total of your order. Low-cost worldwide shipping - unlike gallium, there are no restrictions on air transport of indium.
Quantities less than 20 grams may arrive as a cut ingot - the ingots in the pictures are approximately 20 grams each. Order 20 grams or more and get a little extra (overweight) with your order.
The price of indium has nowhere to go but up. Since it's a rarer and arguably more useful commodity than silver, it's a great metal to be buy. You can use as investment, make high quality solder, make vacuum seals, join metals to ceramics or glass, etc.
Element 49 has quite the repertoire of unique features:
  • More expensive and more rare than silver.
  • Required for ITO coatings for lcd displays.
  • Has the ability of bonding glass and ceramics to metals.
  • Used in labs for high-vacuum seals.
  • Can be cut with a knife and melts at below 156.6ºC.
  • Non-toxic but should never touch bare skin, inhaled etc.
  • Premium lead-free solder component.
  • "Buttery" at room temperature and can be indented with a fingernail.
  • Care will be taken to deliver the pictured piece to you without damage.
  • Metal: Indium - In
  • Purity: 4N - 9999
  • CAS: 7440-74-6

Nexmetal also purchases pure uncontaminated indium scrap, e.g., gasket leftovers, shot, wire and ingot. Contact us with a description and pictures of your material for a personalized bid.