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Bi • Bismuth metal chunks by weight

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Bismuth Metal 4N Pure (99.99%)
Purchase bismuth by the gram, ounce, pound or kilo. It is irridescent and curiously heavy. Your shipment will consist of various sized chunks, individually packaged, added to the weight total of your order. Low-cost worldwide shipping.
Element 83 has quite the repertoire of unique features:
  • Low melting temperature making it perfect for DIY casting projects and alloying.
  • With some practice, you can make beautiful hopper crystals.
  • The most diamagnetic element (repels magnetic fields).
  • Has one of the lowest thermal conductivity values among metals.
  • Expands upon solidification like ice from water, and can be used to make a tight-fiting casting such as typesetting.
  • Makes an excellent lead substitute due to being non toxic, although you should still wear protection when handling it.
  • In earth's crust, it is twice as rare as palladium and only twice as abundant as platinum and gold.
  • Increased phase-out of lead in manufacturing means demand for Bismuth (and its price) will skyrocket - it's only a matter of time.
  • Bi is very brittle so expect some crumbling during shipping. We always strive to provide the biggest chunks possible.
  • Metal: Bismuth - Bi
  • Purity: 4N - 9999
  • CAS: 7440-69-9
Nexmetal also purchases pure uncontaminated bismuth scrap. Contact us with a description and pictures of your material for a personalized bid.

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