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NiTi • Nitinol SMA Tube; 3.5mm ID, 3.9mm OD, Af 60°C

  • ₩188,000

Transition Temp

Nitinol shape memory tubes with activation temperatures between 40 and 60°C (104 - 140°F) allow you to pump coolant through the core to serve as the heat transfer medium. Our memory alloy tubes are supernaturally malleable at room temperatures and respond beautifully at relatively low heat points.

Maximum tube length is half a meter (19.5 inches). We recommend purchasing full length 500 mm tubes as shorter sections are hand cut and may have imperfections. 500mm sections are precision laser cut. This tube has a very thin wall; it is easy to squish or bend it to the point where it buckles, potentially causing permanent damage. The smallest attainable bend radius without wall buckling at room temperature for this size is approximately 2 inches as you can see in the pictures.
Transition temperatures are approximate and can vary ±10°C. The 60°C alloy has a typical Af closer to 55°C and is slightly more malleable at room temperatures. The 40°C tube begins to stiffen at approximately 35°C.

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